What if I Became Your CEO, Took Your Company, Doubled Your Profit, And gave it back to you…?
What if I Became Your CEO Took Your Company Doubled Your Profit And gave it back to you…?
  • ​ What if I did all this while only charging a fraction of your profits?
  •   And what if I GUARANTEED your results?
That’s right, I’ll GUARANTEE your results or you get your ENTIRE investment back. Every single penny. No questions asked. 
How? I can list a hundred ways I’ve achieved this time and time again: New marketing strategies such as chatbots, cost-cutting through automation such as Zapier, scaling your business on auto-pilot through systems & processes, etc…
My goal is to DOUBLE your profit & GUARANTEE it
And here’s what you get: 
Access to My knowledge, Resources, Team, Mastermind & Mistakes
I’ll make sure you limit and avoid mistakes that cost me MILLIONS across my companies

Scale the Right Way
Don’t be afraid to scale, but at the same time don’t be aggressive and blow your capital. I’ll make sure you hit that sweet spot, as I’ve done it before, repeatedly, successfully, and continue to do it today

Take Advantage of Actionable Opportunities
Ever heard the saying ‘All eggs in one basket’? Instead of spreading your eggs, how about getting more baskets? Branch your business the right way, ride the right opportunities at the RIGHT TIME
Work Smarter and Save Costs
Implement and update. Just because it works, doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Let’s pop the hood and get into the nitty gritty of your operations to refine it.

I have the entire blueprint to get you results. I’ve done it multiple times with my existing companies (all on my website) 

So if you think you’re the right fit and you want me to be your temporary co-CEO, click here: https://www.marionawfal.com/coceoqualification

8 out of 10 spots left (I’m limiting it for a reason, 95% of applications will probably be rejected)

We’re interested with minimum 6-Figure Businesses wanting to scale to 8 figures
“If you’re losing money, or growing too slowly, this is your opportunity to turn things around”
Unlike Gary Vee, I bootstrapped to 7 figures in months, not years or decades. Also, I bootstrapped from ZERO
Unlike Grant Cardone, my systems for success are not all about hustling and sales, which imo is a dying industry
Unlike Tai Lopez, I made millions many times over BEFORE teaching anything
Unlike Alex Becker, I made millions in various industries
Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, I replicated my success time and time again, all bootstrapped
Unlike Iman Ghadzi, I built many successful businesses
Unlike Steve Jobs, ok I got nothing to say here, can’t come up with anything!
And unlike Sam Ovens, I never pretend to know the answer for everything as I will ALWAYS be learning, INCLUDING LEARNING FROM ALL THE ABOVE successful & smart entrepreneurs (I have respect for them all as they all bring tremendous value in many ways)
I’ll Scale Your Business to Generates $1-$10 Million On Autopilot
(assuming you listen to what I say...)
NOT from the Desk of Mario Nawfal, as he HATES desks
NOT Beverly Hills, CA, as he’s always traveling and works on the move
I’ve decided to take 10 business with an existing business and scale their business to 7-figures within 12 months. The final result all depends how big the business is right now -- if you have a $100K a year business, we can scale it to $1M+. You have a $1M business, we can scale it to $10M+.

I’m creating 10 case studies I can showcase as I launch my new 7Figure Launchpad, million-dollar case studies that serve as proof of big wins and rapid success under my direction. I’ve already done this multiple times for my companies, now time to do it for others

This has never been done before, and neither has my Launchpad which offers members access to my team, my mastermind, my knowledge, and my internal company communication (including confidential strategy discussions, unedited and raw!)
This involves:
  • SCALING your marketing through new channels & strategies 
  • CUTTING MARKETING COSTS through optimizations & guerrilla tactics 
  • Systemizing your operations to cut costs while SCALING ON AUTOPILOT
  • Helping you get the MOST OUT OF YOUR TEAM
  • Be by your side through THICK & THIN
Sounds simple enough, but why do so many people still fail? 
It’s because business is hard, no matter what anyone else says. Anyone who says otherwise is either BULLSHITTING or had LUCK on their side, period! Look at stats, failure rates of businesses and start-ups, even smart or experienced entrepreneurs still fail or hit a roadblock in their efforts to scale to 8 figures.
Why can I help you achieve what most businesses fail at?
I’ve developed a system which allowed me to bootstrap 3 businesses to 7 figures in months. My first company (Froothie) got to 7 figures (starting with $300) in less than a year, same for the second (GoGlobal). The 3rd (International Blockchain Consulting – IBC Group) got to 7 figures in less than 6 months. My 4th business (Zense) just launched this year and got to 6 figures already, will be 7-figures before 12 months. I link to all my companies on my website
Why am I so confident it works?
Well, if the above is not enough, here’s a summary of my businesses and journey, I just copied it from my LinkedIn. If still not convinced, listen to my many podcast interviews, research my companies, watch my YouTube videos and you will be convinced. I don’t need to prove myself, my achievements speak for themselves, and I’m still building businesses and now documenting the process
Selling blenders door to door leads to Froothie Australia.
Mario began his journey with $300 in the bank. Unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems and a team of global contractors propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year 2, all bootstrapped.
Forms Optimum Appliances.
Mario built the Optimum range of appliances to satisfy the demand for high-end kitchen appliances. Optimum went on to achieve global brand status.
Launches HX, Vie, FX, Prestige Home Appliances and other product lines . Mario continued his entrepreneurship journey by establishing a range of brands in various niches including personal mobility, fitness and e-cigarettes.
Founds business scaling incubator GoGlobal.
Leveraging the infrastructure and connections developed throughout his entrepreneurship journey, Mario established GoGlobal, an incubator that sits at the heart of what is now a rapidly expanding conglomerate, the Athena Group of Companies. 
Establishes International Blockchain Consulting.
IBC has a network of experts in over 40 countries and has risen in less than a year to become the established industry authority in the rapidly growing blockchain and Crypto space. 
VC Fund, Law Firm, Accounting & Entering the Cannabis Space 
After the success of IBC, Mario launches IBI Ventures (VC Fund), IBA (Blockchain Accounting), IGC (Cannabis & Hemp Consulting) and becomes a partner and equity holder at Blockchain Law Firm IBL. 
I’ve constructed a team and system that I leverage to bootstrap businesses to the millions within months, and guess what? Unlike Tai Lopez or Sam Ovens which made their millions teaching (instead of the other way around), I bootstrapped to 8 figures in 2 years and replicated my success over and over again before having the audacity to even open LinkedIn/Instagram/YouTube accounts, or post any educational content. I only started helping entrepreneurs this year and so far have charged ZERO $ for it. ALL MY SUCCESSES ARE BEFORE I MADE MONEY TEACHING AND BEFORE I EVEN HAD PLATFORMS TO GET FOLLOWERS.
Ok so why help other companies scale rather than continuing to scale your own companies?
I’m very direct and honest in everything I say, you probably know this if you watched any of my videos. And I will be very direct here. The reasons I am leveraging my team to scale other companies are:
  • ​I am still going to scale my own companies, why would I stop that! I will launch new companies and scale them to millions while I help others! Why does it have to be binary, it can easily be both.
  • ​It’s a great f****** idea! I LOVE good ideas!
  • ​I want to take a % of the money I make you, and I think this is going to be very lucrative for my company. I’ve already done this through my company GoGlobal, taking a % of client’s businesses and helping them scale.
Why limit it to 10 applicants?
  • 1. We will only accept applicants that we vet and decide we can help, why? See point 2
  • 2. If we cannot help you grow your profits, YOU WILL GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK! Why? See point 3 ;-)
  • 3. Because the money you pay upfront is peanuts for us in comparison to the % we will take on the money we will generate you, so our INCENTIVES ARE ALIGNED, and as Charlie Munger famously said: “Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome.
  • ​4. Last reason why only 10 applicants: I don’t want to allocate all my time and resources to help others like you, but as per point 1 in the last question, I want to continue scaling my own companies
Well, if you think your business is in a position where we can bring it value, apply below and our team will reach out to you to ask a few questions. Please note your will most likely not be accepted as we expect hundreds of applications in the first few days of announcing this based on the response from our email database. 
Note: We will conduct due diligence before we schedule a call, a less comprehensive initial review of your business, and if it is not a good fit we will let you know via email before the call to save your time as well as my team’s.

If you are accepted, you will become my partner and will have me and my team work by your side for a year to help you achieve the goals we promise. 

It’s part mentorship, part execution on my end, where we work together side by side to accelerate your business to the next level. Remember, as mentioned above, WE GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS.
Here’s how it works:
The first thing you’ll do is submit an application to see if you qualify for the program. Then, we’ll set up a consultation to find out if this is a good fit. I’m only taking on 10 entrepreneurs / businesses who are truly ready for rapid growth in one year or less.

The best way for us to start is by you submitting an application and jumping on a call. There’s no charge for the call and it will help us decide if you qualify for this program. 

Anyway, at the end of this consultation call, one of two things can happen:
1. You get accepted and we move on to the next phase of connecting you to my team for either an in-person (you would fly out to meet us) or a video interview. This will help us learn more about your business, what your goals are, where the weaknesses are, and other details. 

2. You aren’t accepted but you’re now aware of the program. You continue to work on building your business, participating in my 7Figure Launchpad, and then reapply when I open this up again. 
What Happens When You’re Accepted...
If you’re accepted into the program and decide to move forward, you’ll schedule your in-person or video call with me. You can fly out to meet me and the team in person or do a video call, whatever you prefer.

This assessment is an important step. When you and I talk, I’ll have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish so I can give you the best possible mix of services and mentoring to help you achieve your business goals. Remember, I have an entire team of seasoned marketing experts, video production teams, business development veterans and resources of my own to share with you.

After we have a chance to talk, we’ll kick off your entire strategy where my team will set you up for success with a complete Done For You package. Here’s what things look like after our first business meeting:
- Paid marketing on all platforms including Google, social media, Reddit… as well as remarketing.
- Social media marketing on all platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other smaller platforms.
- Guerrilla marketing strategies, cheap and effective methods such as Reddit engagement.
-  Finding factories efficiently.
- Negotiating.
- How to know the product’s quality even BEFORE testing.
- Sell a product even BEFORE finding a factory.
- Importing, A to Z.
- Efficient and unique strategies we use to get investors.
- Negotiating the terms.
- Crowdfunding.
- Planning & preparing for an exit strategy.
- Being able to lead a sales team by example, through the establishment of credibility.
- Utilizing the latest lead generation methods available on the market, inclusive of bots, and Virtual Assistants.
- How to close clients with a sales strategy that has generated me an excess of $3mil in 2018.
Step 2: Design Your 1-Year Plan
We’ll sit down and map out an entire year of optimizing & scaling various aspects of your business. This will give us a holistic overview of your business’ systems.
Step 3: Replicate & integrate our team and systems into your company
We will break down your systems and vet your team, providing recommendation and initiating the execution of the foundation to ensure your business is systemized and operating efficiently.
Step 4: Scale
This is where my personal expertize comes in, along with my analytics team. We will break down all your marketing campaigns, optimize and scale accordingly, while exploring and testing new ways to scale.
Step 5: Rinse & Repeat
We will continue to improve everything implemented in Step 3 as the business scales while we double down on strategies that get a +ve ROI in Step 4, and scale back/stop what isn’t.
So… Why am I doing this?
  • I LOVE starting or scaling businesses, I’ve been doing it for years and it’s what wakes me up in the morning!
  • Why not? I have the systems which I used time and time again with my OWN companies, so it makes logical sense to leverage this for other businesses and share the success
  • As mentioned in point 2, I share the success. We take a % of the growth and cost cutting we implement in your business, so we are financially incentivised to improve your PROFITS. Incentives are aligned
  • I just started sharing my knowledge, as you can see on my website www.marionawfal.com, and what better way to bring value than to implement ALL I KNOW to benefit other companies achieve the same success as my companies
The Full Guarantee:
And remember, I am GUARANTEEING your results! Here’s the guarantee, nice and simple: 
You Will Grow Your Revenue and/or Profit OR I will Give You 100% of Your Investment Back
So I am essentially:
Taking over your business (working by your side)
Making you more money
Taking a fraction of the money I make you
And GUARANTEEING you will make money
Why am I offering a 100% Guarantee?
Well its logic. You are probably weary about such this offer as it is new and has not been done before (at least not to my knowledge). And despite my successes, you may have not heard of me before as I just started personal branding and all of it until now has been organic. So this guarantee will essentially REDUCE YOUR RISK TO ZERO, literally.

You may wonder if I am worried that I won’t reach my goals…. Well I’m not, which is why I am offering the guarantee! I have done this so many times that I am certain I can do it for the small % of businesses we accept from the hundreds or even thousands of applications we will get. So remember, this is NOT for everyone!
If you are:
1. Not making 6, 7 or 8 figures
2. Not ready to execute what we recommend
3. Unwilling to have an open mind & learn
Than this is NOT for you so don't bother replying, instead check-out the 7-Figure launchpad
If you fit the 3 points above, I highly recommend you apply. You have NOTHING to lose by applying and a LOT to potentially gain!
We will go through your application within 1-2 days and, if we see that we MAY be able to help, you will be shortlisted and my team will give you a call to ensure that we CAN help. We need to be certain otherwise we waste a year of our time and make NO MONEY. Actuall, I LOSE money if I cannot help you increase revenue and/or profit as I need to pay my team to do the work + spend my own time helping you, so I need to make sure 100% that I can help you make money so I can make money too. It’s simple: the power of aligned incentives in business and in life.

After you speak to our team, the next step would be a call with me, the final call to confirm that we can move forward. And if I give the go ahead, you can spend a day celebrating than immediately start preparing to transform your business and make a lot of money on the way.
I want to reiterate again what you “get” when you’re accepted into this program. It’s simple: You get me, my senior management team, my company systems, and a full guarantee to make money.
 call support 1300 309 900
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Mario's List of Companies:
Froothie: Global Health & Wellness Distributor.
IBC Group: Leading Crypto Fundraising & Blockchain Consulting.
Zense: Aromatherapy On The Go. 
IBL Partners: Leading Blockchain & Crypto Law Firm.  
IBI Ventures: Blockchain Venture Capital Fund.
Optimum: Award Winning Kitchen Appliances.
IGC: Legal Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Consulting.
GoGlobal: Expanding Successful Products/Businesses Globally.
HX: Personal Mobility Distributor.
Commercial Blenders Australia: Australia's #1 Commercial Blenders
IBA Group: Experts in Crypto Accounting.
Rebel|PR: Public Relations Done Differently .
Real Food Revolution: Australia's #1 Health & Wellness Events.
Prestige Home Appliances: High-End Kitchen Appliances.